252 Queen St. East #7
Brampton, Ontario
L6V 1C1

Welcome to 520 Sushi in Brampton!

520 Sushi, Ontario, Brampton
All You can Eat Sushi Menu at your finger tips… literally!!

520 Sushi has gone high tech and activated their digital menu and ordering system through iPads.

Each table gets an iPad which lets you see each item on the “all you can eat Sushi” menu and you can send your order straight to the kitchen, to the Sushi chef himself. Now know what to order, detailed description of each item, what it looks like and what goes in it. And you can keep ordering a continuous flow of your favorite sushi items… at your own pace… as fast as you want or as slow as you need. What better way to eat your All you can eat sushi, sashimi, maki rolls, or anything else on the menu.


No wonder 520 Sushi is one of the top sushi bars in Brampton…and probably will be 1314.

Authentic sushi at its finest

520 means “I love you” in Chinese mandarin…and 1314 means “Forever.”

Here at 520 Sushi we are committed to serving authentic sushi at a great price.

We know that because of our top of the line service, stunning atmosphere and unbelievable sushi menu, 520 Sushi is one restaurant you are guaranteed to love forever. 

Our sushi is fresh, delicious and always satisfying. You can expect high-quality dishes from our chefs.

Over 100 items to choose from

With over a 100 items to choose from on our menu…from succulent sake…to tempting tempura…you are sure to be back for more…luckily we are open every day for our lunch and dinner all you can eat service! Even on holidays!